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Mobile Notary Services Often Not Required


A Mobile Notary Public's services are often unnecessary and in many instances unlawful, as part of the process to authenticate signatures and validate documents for international use through Apostille certification. This is because often the document is already signed by and certified by a county or state government official who is of a higher capacity and authority than a notary public.

For example:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Certificate of Death
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Background Checks from the State of California
  • Superior Court Documents
  • Corporate and LLC Certificates issued by the California government
Each of these above-listed documents is already signed by a county government official, a state government official, or an official clerk of the court. Such documents can therefore directly proceed to have the Apostille certification issued on the document directly. No notarization of the document is necessary (or lawful in many cases), and therefore the services of a mobile notary public is unnecessary and often inappropriate.

California Apostille Services can work with you to obtain the official Apostille on your behalf directly from the Secretary of State. Our San Francisco-based Apostille processing office is conveniently located in the downtown Financial District very close to the Embarcadero Muni/Bart station.



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