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Shipping of Apostille Documents Internationally


Our office is pleased to offer several options for pickup or delivery and shipping of the completed Apostille documents.

Once the certification service has completed, you may:

  • Return to our Pine Street office and pick up your documents in person
  • Ask us return your documents to you by US Mail
  • Have us ship your documents to you or elsewhere, by Fedex, DHL or UPS
  • Provide a shipping label to us, and we will ship the completed documents to any location worldwide.

In all cases, we are able to coordinate the pickup or shipping of your Apostille certificates and documents locally or internationally, to you, to family, friends, business colleagues, to a school, or any recipient you require worldwide.

Please call California Apostille Services office at +1 (415) 670-9019 to ask about solutions to your international shipping needs.



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